Hedda Gabler

What is wrong with Hedda?


Also, Ibsen may have changed his mind about Hedda after writing this note. And even if this statement does


express his final intention about Hedda, that is no guarantee that he succeeded in carrying out his intention


in the play.


So, based on your reading of the play, what do you think Hedda wants? Or do you think the question that


needs to be asked about Hedda is really, "What's wrong with Hedda?"




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Hedda is fighting against societal norms. I wouldn't say that her desire for individuality or questioning norms was rare during the setting, but her unwillingness to conform, and her unstable actions certainly point toward phychological problems. Hedda flouts convention without thought, but her suicide points to far greater conflicts within herself.


Hedda Gabler

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Hedda wants to get every espect full and complete and that is impossible in this world.