Hedda Gabler

What are some aspects of modernism within the play Hedda Gabler?


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One aspect of modernism is that the entire play takes place in the drawing room of Tesman's villa. The drawing room as confined space is a distinctive feature of modern realist drama.

Another aspect is the use of Freudian symbolism; repression, neurosis, paranoia, Oedipal complex, phallic symbols, etcetera.

Hedda herself, is also the embodiment of modernistic. Let's not forget we're in 1890s Norway, a very restrictive society, where women's rights was not even an issue. Women of the middle class ran their homes and were looked up to by everyone; their daughters were passive and obedient........ ready to take on their mother's mantles as soon as they were available.

Hedda wasn't passive; she wasn't submissive, and she wasn't an example of Norwegian womanhood. She's a strong woman with a defiant character. She doesn't enjoy her life and yet, the audience doesn't really perceive her unhappiness. Another aspect of modernism......... the role of Hedda is uncomprehensible........... we just don't understand her.

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