Hedda Gabler

At least one character in each play prefers an imaginary view of life to a realistic view point. With this in mind, discuss the life-view of Hedda Gabler.

realistic view of heddas character

imaginative view of heddas character

life view of hedda gabler

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In terms of a realistic worldview, Hedda is very forthright about about the limitations she faces. She speaks honestly about what kind of man Tesman is and how wretched her life can be. But in terms of imagination, she maintains an air of aristocratic entitlement. She continues to believe that she can break free of the constraints placed on her and be the great General's daughter. This delusion leads her to push against the limits of her life, attempt to rekindle a life with Lovborg. Judge Brack's cruel selfishness towards the end opens her eyes to how fully these ambitions are delusions - she is, as a woman, indeed trapped no matter her lineage - and so does she commit herself to a tragic end.