Heart of Darkness

what did Marlow say..?

what did Marlow say is the most important thing about Kurtz?

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There are few ideas at play here. Marlow goes through different opinions of the illusive Kurtz. In the beginning, he is rather disinterested. Marlow's curiosity heightens as the trip goes on. Finally when Marlow meets Kurtz, he both despises him and admires him. I'm not totally sure at what point you are referring to in the novel but Kurtz has done what Marlow dreams of; Kurtz refuses to return to the luxury and comfort of England and chooses instead to pursue fortune and glory and danger. Kurtz represents the opposite of the pilgrims who are annoying Marlow to no end. Marlow feels Kurtz to be a counter-culture adventurer. Sure Kurtz has lots of native wives and impales heads on sticks but Marlow finds this at once repulsive and attractive.