Heart of Darkness

The travelers meet Kurtz mistress? Does her presense affter their (or your) understanding of Kurtz? if so, how?

lit 40s

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Kurtz had it going on in Europe and the Congo. I think this dichotomy gives us the best understanding of Kurtz. Kurtz had an "intended" in Europe. This was presumably his intended fiancé in Europe. She was idealistic about imperialism and rather naive about what Kurtz had done or the type of man he was. Kurtz's African lover seems to have a strong presence. She is lavished with jewelry displaying her importance through Kurtz. His white "intended" also derives importance through Kurtz but it is much more mild almost impotent. THe African mistress seems to have a much more savage and intense connection with Kurtz. This dichotomy, the wild and the civil, illustrates much of the conflict within Kurtz. It was, in colonial understanding, the light and the dark. Kurtz went tower the dark which seemed to devour him.