Heart of Darkness

The Russian. Is he similar to the other white men?

In context. (Consider, for instance, the Manager and the pilgrims) What is the Russian’s relationship to Kurtz?

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The Russian looks up to Kurtz, almost in adoration. He is nothing like the other men on the journey.... he is a dreamer and an adventurer. Possibly, his youth and inexperience make him Kurtz's perfect companion.... but he is loyal in all things.

'You don't talk with that man—you listen to him,' he exclaimed with severe exaltation."

'We talked of everything,' he said, quite transported at the recollection. 'I forgot there was such a thing as sleep. The night did not seem to last an hour. Everything! Everything! . . . Of love too.' 'Ah, he talked to you of love!' I said, much amused. 'It isn't what you think,' he cried, almost passionately. 'It was in general. He made me see things—things.'


Heart of Darkness