Heart of Darkness

Most important aspects

If you would have to change the perspective of the story, what scene would be most suitable to change the perspective?

Aspects that have to be present:

- When you are changing the perspective you should be able to change it in a way that the new narrator is thinking and acting in a way that suits the situation as in the book.

- It has to show understanding of one of the main themes or struggles that the book contains.

If you are not entirely sure, feel free to suggest something, i need inspiration!

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I might consider that whole "grove of death scene". Certainly Marlow sees them and their vacant eyes stare at Marlow. I wonder what they might be thinking? They are waiting to die and they see a strange white man looking at them. This whole scenario would be depressing but then this whole book isn't exactly happy hour either. As much as you can, put yourself in their shoes or sandals. You can comment on their interpretation of the Colonial Hell they are going through. In a book with similar themes called Things fall apart", they called the white men "albinos". I'd think of a phrase like that from the point of view of a native.

Well the perspective could be changed to an indigenous person, that would be very interesting. Please let me know should you need more help.

I thought about that too,

However I am still struggling with the scene that I would put in another perspective.

When I change the perspective I need to display a point of view that displays one of the themes in the story in an original way.

I think the uncertainty is one of the themes that I would like to use.

any suggestions?