Heart of Darkness

how relate the culture clash in heart f darkness to the the culture clash in Achebe's Things Fall Apart?

i need a specific quote and i need it to be a positive impact on at least one culture that has to do with somebody who was finding himself through this new culture. i am having a really hard time with this

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The only positive effect of the culture clash can be seen in Achebe's Things Fall Apart. People who are isolated and ostracized in the Igbo tribe are welcomed by the white man's church. Nwoye, for example, is sensitive and thoughtful, but he is also somewhat lazy and sulky. Okonkwo is harsh with the boy, fearing that he will become like Unoka. After the death of Ikemefuna, something breaks in Nwoye. Later, he converts to Christianity, in part to escape his father. Other than this, both books concentrate on the damaging effects of imperialism on native tribes in Africa.