Heart of Darkness

end of the novel

In heart of darkness explain the significance of what happens at the end of the novel.?

when marlow returns the letters to kurtz's "intended". why does he say after answering her question about kurtz's last words "it seemed to me that...the heavens would fall upon my head?" what did he do to deserve such a punishment?

college student, not very good with english lit, any help would be greatly welcomed.

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the reason he deserves such a punishment is because he says earlier in the novel 'i hate, detest and can't stand a lie', and yet when it comes to answering the question of 'what were kurtz last words'.. he lies. this to him seems like the worst possible thing he could have done. when.. thinking about it really, it was the best for the intended.

there's a story in the bible about how john was in a bath-house, and a known sinner/liar/criminal or something came into the bath-house. john runs out of the bath-house naked in his hurry to get out, because he is sure, HE IS SURE, that God is about to bring the heavens down on this sinner and John doesnt want to die when the walls come crashing down around him


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