Heart of Darkness

Asignment question related to the "grove of death"

I have started writing something like a diary to describe the experience of the man that Marlow gives a biscuit in "the grove of death". The idea is that I am going to change the point of view to one of the natives and see the actual themes of the book from their perspective. The themes that I would like to adress are:

-The uncertainty

-True intentions are not revealed

-Imperialist atrocities

Any ideas how to display these themes in experiences in a diary of one of the savages?

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Hey, I think you need to put a voice in here. Consider feelings of betrayal, futility and emptiness.

Here is a little example of what it might look like,

"Sun is out but always there is darkness. People still work, my people still work for the White Devil. They know he is evil but he has too much power. For me there is no hope. Sun or shade, I sit and wait for the comfort of death....."

The station is dilapidated and empty; the natives are isolated, and like Asln said there is a definite sense of betrayal. When writing from the perspective of the natives, you have to remember they're sick and starving. A biscuit could possibly become a symbol like the apple in the Garden of Eden........... but it represents an offering of friendship and care rather than temptation. The natives will be suspicious.......... without reason mind you, but none the less, they won't be trusting due to their circumstances.

The natives are living in misery, they've been treated cruelly........ the emotions that accompany betrayal will need to be present in the diary. You have a good concept here.......... go with it!

I find this question feature very useful, new insides are very good for your inspiration, it really helps.

I forgot to show the feeling of betrayal and futility. Might be a good way of illustrating their attitude towards the atrocities.

Getting The garden of Eden in the diary will probably get me some bonus points for intertextuality, but it is hard to do it correctly. I am going to figure out what to improve. But I have quite a lot already now!

Thank you for the help!