Heart of Darkness

An other end to the story...

If I were about to write a different end to the story, in which Marlow tells the intended the truth about what Kurtz was doing and said,

what could be interesting in getting into the story?

what would be the influence of this new end to the story?

Are there interesting things to write about in this new end?

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Awwwwwwww! You haven't finished this yet? Okay.... how long is the essay you've written, and what points have you already made, or are you starting from scratch (I hope you're not). When you last commented here it sounded as if you had everything pretty much together!

Well actually, I have asked some different questions about different assignments as some friends asked me! Haha, I thought you might help them out as well. About the thing I have written myself:

I have written a short piece of the novel seen from the perspective of a native. The native with the perspective t is present in the "grove of death" scene and is the boy that is getting the biscuit. Before arrival at the grove of death I put in an introduction of the "white people" (the imperialists). I show some aspects of the story from the experiences of the savages:

-the uncertainty of the savages

-the themes and motifes considering nature that are present in the book (power of nature and nature reclaiming)

-The imperialist (cruelties)

-The inefficiency in the congo

-True intentions are not revealed

That is my progress, but I need some literary devices to actually show these things come back a little more. Any suggestions are welcome. But I can understand that what I ask is a bit vague!

Indeed if I had to write a different ending to this story which, would make it not appear as a racist rendering of Conrad's, I would continue to tell the story from the narrator's point of view giving the readers insight into the: The uncertainty of the savages as men who are Africans viewing The imperialist and their cruelties!