Heart of Darkness

3.01 Discussion: Discuss Your Reading: Heart of Darkness, Parts II and III

The short introduction to "Heart of Darkness" in The Story and Its Writer suggests that Marlow has a complicated relationship with Kurtz. He's both attracted to and repelled by Kurtz, who's clearly at the center of the story. Now that you've finished "Heart of Darkness," take some time to think about what Kurtz represents for Marlow.

For this Discussion, post a message that addresses one or more of the following sets of questions:

  • How does Marlow feel about Kurtz before meeting him? What impression did you have about Kurtz before he appeared in the story? Do you think Marlow was surprised by what Kurtz turned out to be like? Were you, as a reader, surprised?

  • How does Marlow feel about Kurtz by the end of the story? Is he loyal to his memory of Kurtz? Why or why not? How's he similar to or different from Kurtz?
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I'm not sure I have this introduction and your questions are too detailed for this short answer forum.