Hard Times

Why is Slackbridge considered as a dishonest man?What does Stephen know about him that he doesnt join Slakbridge`s union?


Men and brothers

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Slackbridge is the main union representative. Although his ideas are meant to help the workers, he uses less than honest ways to get their support. Slackbridge often blows things way out of proportion and bends the truth to convince them.I think Blackpoos knows that Slackbridge's is not an honoust man. Slackbridge's rhetorical skills are exemplified in the copious allusions that he offers in the hopes of painting a sour picture of Blackpool's moral credentials. He alludes to the Old Testament story of Esau and his brother Jacob who tricked his brother Esau into selling his birthright. Slackbridge also mentions Judas (Iscariot) who betrayed Jesus Christ and a man by the name of Castlereagh, a British politician who earned the scorn of the laboring classes and also foreign diplomats by reneging on his promises.