What would be the best way to describe Hamlet's flaw causing various character's to suffer?

I assume the characters are evidently most who appear in the denouement, but I'm unsure of whether to cover them all at once or seperately. And how?

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Hamlet's flaw, more than anything, is his philosophical "bent." He is not a man of action; rather he has to figure things out. So, his "madness" (whether real or feigned) causes Olivia's distress and leads to Polonius' death. Ultimately, he could have killed Claudius several times, but his desire to be "sure" keeps him from taking the next step - simply kill him. His inaction rather than his acting on the revenge he needs to take causes all of the killings throughout the play until the end. Had he just killed Claudius when he was given the "assignment," there would have been no play.