What is your initial impression of claudias in act 1 scene 2

Does he seem to be an effective ruler. Is he solicitous and sympathetic toward hamlet. How does hamlet respond to him. Do you think it essential for an effective king to be a virtuous person.

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It seems pretty clear that Claudius is on the "slimy" side as soon as he opens his mouth. He's trying to look mournful over his brother's death but he quickly changes the subject to "happier" subjects like his marrying the queen. Claudius really wants the court to accept him as King. He does a good job trying to endear himself to everyone including Hamlet, "But now, my cousin Hamlet, and my son." Claudius tries to come off as a jolly King who can wage serious war against enemies, like Norway, if called upon. The trouble is that he tries way to hard which leaves us thinking that this guy lacks substance in the things he says.