What are the main revenge themes in the story besides Hamlet vs. Claudius?

So I'm curious what the main revenge themes are between the characters or just in the story (besides Hamlet vs. Claudius)?

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Many critics think Hamlet had a "thing" for his mother. For a guy mourning the death of his father, Hamlet sure is obsessed with the sexual habits of his mother. He is very upset by the fact that Gertrude had wed his Uncle so soon after her husband's death. Hamlet is preoccupied with his mother's sexual habits throughout the play. He wonders how, at her age, she could hang from Claudius, As if increase of (sexual) appetite had grown... He directly chastises his mother for having sex with his uncle, "Stewed in corruption, honeying and making love. Over the nasty sty..."Hamlet is so frustrated (perhaps sexually) with mother that he colors all women as "frail". Hamlet's increasing hatred for women can be interpreted by his increasing need to make his mother pay for her sins.