What, according to Claudius, "doth hedge a king" - and also "shape our ends," according to Hamlet?


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Claudius is shmoozing Laertes telling him that divinity or God surrounds a King that people can't kill him. Hamlet's take is that we get what God has coming to us.

i don't understand this question or the answer, can you explain?

The question has to do with the difference in personalities between Hamlet and Claudius. By the end of the play Hamlet is introspective and philosophical about life. He thinks that God (divinity) shapes our ends (how and when we die). Claudius is slimy. He tries to convince Laertes that he can't be bad because God loves Kings. He says that God would protect him because he is a king. Hamlet seems wise where Claudius is still slimy. I hope that helps.