Is Hamlet Mad?

I know that some characters in the book such as Claudius, Gertrude, and Polonius think that Hamlet is mad. But does Ophelia think he is mad? What about himself... does Hamlet think he is mad? Thanks

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I don't think Ophelia thinks that Hamlet is mad. If she thought he was mad, she probably wouldn't have had her heart broken and committed suicide.... she would have just interpreted his cruelty as insanity, instead of cruelty.

I also don't think Hamlet viewed himself as mad. He viewed himself as entirely rational and put on the madness as an act... unfortunately acting like you are mad, can make you mad.

Yes, Hamlet definitely thinks he is sane. He is affecting an "antic disposition"...

no Hamlet is not mad

he pretends to be mad so that he could take revenge from claudius

mad person cant plot such a thing

his father , the king was murdered whcih was a big mishappening in denmark.being a prince, he had to be very careful and alarming

he knew the person responmsible for this must be having eye on Hamlet also and so to be safe he pretends to be mad.