is hamlet a hero like beowulf ? why?


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The only real way to answer this question is to have a definition of a hero - usually the definition of a hero has something to do with a character who demonstrates the important, admirable qualities of his society and then lives up to those qualities. Beowulf in an Anglo-Saxon warrior who lives by the warrior's code which includes understanding that his future is somewhat controlled by Wyrd and that he should be strong and help those in need. Hamlet, while he is the main character of the eponymous play, is not a hero who lives up to the heroic qualities of a man living in Denmark. He is not like his murdered father, a warrior and excellent role model for the other men in the kingdom. He is not ready to seek vengeance like Laertes, who acts immediately to avenge the death of his father, Polonius. He is not a hero like Fortinbras, who simply wants to march with his army and gain back the land which is a good demonstration of his personal power and wealth. Hamlet is a philosopher and that is his heroic claim to fame.

I need to do a six paragraph essay, explaining why hamlet is a hero like beowulf or not.. how do i start ?


Hamlet and Beowulf