Imagery in Hamlet for Art project

Imagery in Hamlet for Art

Hello there, i need some help

I'm currently doing an art project on Shakespeare and his plays, and i need the different types of imagery that can be seen in each play

I know that everyone will find different ironic images that could be related to that play (e.g. The Skull in Hamlet or the yello stockings in Twelfth Night)

If anyone can help me by coming up with more suggestions (preferably with a scene reference too if possible) it would be very helpful.

Many Thanks! :)

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Disease, rot, thing untended like a garden(1.2.135). If your assignment is to use imagery for each story, you might even plan the background as a garden and plant the symbols of the plays inside. Shakespeare's garden could be filled with a number of symbols from his play, or the plays could be represented by rows of vegetation.