How realistic are the cross-generational relationships in Hamlet?

Are they exaggerated?

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I don't think that the cross-generational relationships are exaggerated.I find them real...

the arrival of the ghost of old king to reveal to his son (the young prince hamlet) about his murder by his brother claudius is the most crucial event in the play. It is a senecal element in any revenge tragedy.The personal and the political are tied in hamlet as hamlet has to avenge for his father's murder and heal the 'rotten state of denmark'.As a prince he has the duty of establishing a better value system in denmark and in the last scene on his death bed, he is conscious of his reputation as a prince and thus tells horatio to revel his story to his subjects in denmark.He also prophesises that young fortinbras would be the future ruler of denmark.Hamlet is a thinking hero and I think that his delay in revenge is deliberate as he abides by the christian morality ethics(he is the scourge and minister of heaven) and doesn't want to be damned for a sin by him so he uses the dumb show as a means to test the king.Unlike him are laertes and young fortinbras who are his foils as they are impulsive men of action.

Hamlet, laertes and young fortinbras are united in their cause to avenge for the deaths of their fathers..

Ophilia's tutoring by her brother and her father shows that women in patriarchy are denied the fredom to acknowledge their love interests or to freely realise their own emotions as an individual