How are the acting roles the characters assume a result of the multiple conspiracies present in the play?


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Certainly the murder of Hamlet Sr. by his brother is the driving conspiracy in this play. The other conspiracies follow culminating in the train wreck at the end that defines the Shakespearean tragedy. Hamlet certainly alters his behavior to the point where, for centuries, people have debated on whether Hamlet was acting insane or actually was insane. Poor Ophelia is manipulated by many of the main characters. She lurks in the shadows of multiple conspiracies, many orchestrated by her own father, only to become certifiably insane. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern float through the play seemingly clueless as to exactly why they are in Elsinore in the first place. Polonius even falls victim to his own conspiracy theories. His headstrong belief that Hamlet's lunacy springs from the unrequited love of his daughter spawns even more conspiracies until he too dies behind his favorite place: the curtains!