Exactly how does Hamlet feels about Queen Gertrude and King Claudius by the end of act 3?

How does Hamlet view Gertrude and Clauius being married?

How does Hamlet feel about Gertrude?

How does Hamlet feel about Claudius?

Why does Hamlet have different feelings for both of these characters?

Everything has to be in act 1, act 2 or/and act 3.

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This scene is rather awkward. Hamlet's sexual suggestions about his mother are troublesome to say the least. Still, Hamlet wants to save his mother from her incestuous falling off with everything that is right and holy. Hamlet also illustrates just how nasty, manipulative, and treacherous Claudius is. Gertrude truly knew nothing about the murder of her husband at the hands of Claudius.

Please submit each of your questions separately and I will get to them.