comment on the indecisive character of hamlet?

Answer shuld b written atleast in1000 words.

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Hamlet is indecisive; this ultimately will be his tragic flaw. He is a scholar, a student at the University of Wittenburg, so killing does not come easily to him. When the ghost reveals to Hamlet that Claudius is his murderer, he asks Hamlet to revenge "This foul and most unnatural murder." Hamlet is hesitant to exact this revenge. Not only is his conscience weighty, but also he is unsure of the ghost's true intent. He ponders if the ghost (as the Protestants would believe) is an evil entity assuming the shape of his familar father, but really trying to lure his soul to hell via the act of murder. Hamlet decides he must "catch the conscience of the king" -- in other words, decide if guilty or not, so he plans for the actors in Act III to perform a similar plot on stage as his the poisoning of his dad. He delays to get this reaction; he continues this procrastination when finally in Act V as he himself is dying, he kills Claudius.