Act 2, Sc. 2, lines 81-85: What ideas about the "public" Claudius does this scene bring out? Explain how this public persona contrasts with his private nature as the audience understands it.

Polonius. ...Through your dominions for this enterprise,

On such regards of safety and allowance

As therein are set down.

King. It likes us well;

And at our more considered time we'll read,

Answer, and think upon this business.

Meantime, we thank you for your well-took labour.

Go to your rest; at night we'll feast together.

Most welcome home.

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Claudius is hearing back from Voltemand about Norway’s answer regarding Young Fortnbras' demands. Old Norway, not so sick after all, talks his nephew down and requests that the Norwegian army be allowed to cross Denmark to attack Poland. I'm not sure what this actually has to do with the "public".