Act 2, Sc. 2 lines 133-152: Describe the tone of the first part of Polonius's speech. To what comment of Claudius's is he responding to?

King. But how hath she recieved his love?

Polonius. What do you think of me?

King. As of a man faithful and hourable.

Polonius. I would fain prove so. But what might you think,

When I had seen this hot love on the wing -

As I percieved it, I must tell you that,

Before my daughter told me - what might you

Or my dear Majesty your queen here think

If I had played the desk or table-book,

Or given my heart a winking mute and dumb,

Or looked upon this love with idle sight -

What might you think? No, I went round to work,

And my young mistress thus I did bespeak:

'Lord Hamlet is a prince out of thy star.

This must not be.' And then I prescripts gave her,

That she should lock herself from his resort,

Admit not messengers, recieve no tokens;

Which done, she took the fruits of my advice,

And he, repelled - a short tale to amke -

Fell into a sadness, then into a fast,....

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Polonius has to be careful here. He has forbid Ophelia to see Hamlet and he must now justify his decision to the king and queen. Polonius uses a conciliatory tone that appeals to his friendship with the king to make his appeal.