act 1 scene 3

give two reasons why laertes advises ophelia to be careful about getting too close to hamlet?

what is ophelias response to laertes and polonius advice concerning hamlet? why do you think they're different? how do you respond to their advice?

put in your own words polonius advice to laertes. how do you react to the advice he gives his son?

relate the advice of laertes and polonius to ophelia to the word of "seems theme.

from the advice givin by laertes and polonius what do we learn about their characters?

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Can you please submit each of these questions separatly? I'll do your first one here:


Laertes says that Hamlet is a Prince and cannot marry Ophelia. He tells her not to give up her "chased treasure" (virginity) because Hamlet only likes her for a little while.