Act 1 Scene 2

what impressions does claudius give the audience of his relationships to each of the following charachters: Hamlet(His brother), Gertrude, Members of the court, Fortinbras, old norway and cornelious and voltimand.

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1) The elder Hamlet was his brother.

2) Gertrude was his sister-in-law, and is now his wife.

3) Fortinbras is an enemy.

4) Old Norway is an ally and King of Norway.

5) Cornelious and Voltimand are Claudius' loyal courtiers. 




Old Hamlet - he was my brother and now he is dead and I miss him.  Claudius does not overdo it, but he talks about him briefly before he discusses Gertrude.

Gertrude - used to be his sister, now "we have taken her to wife."  

Members of the court - He acts as if they are all good friends and he is giving them the news (about marriage, etc.).

Fortinbras - the young man who wants to avenge the death of his father at the hands of Hamlet Sr.  He wants to make war on Denmark.  Claudius sends ambassadors to work with the Norwegians to bring peace.

Old Norway - the kind of Norway, old and infirm.  Claudius thinks he can negotiate with Old Norway and stop the "war."

Cornelius and Voltimand - the ambassadors to Norway; they are just good servants of the kind of Denmark.