how the song "My Shot" characterizes Alexander Hamilton?

Write a complete sentence below describing how the song "My Shot" characterizes Alexander Hamilton.

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The men are surprised by Hamilton's passionate stance, and he launches into his own number called "My Shot" about how he doesn't want to take his life for granted. In the course of the song we discover that he is very poor and he is living a humble life. Hamilton also reveals his desire to fight in order to free his country from England's colonial rule. The other three introduce themselves and their ideals. Lafayette is a Frenchman who wishes to take down the monarchy in his own country, as well as help the American colonies shake off England. Mulligan is a tailor who is sick of his position and wishes to advance socially using the revolution. Laurens is an abolitionist who dreams of forming the first all-black battalion, as well as helping bring an end to slavery.