How does this Broadway musical help us better understand U.S History?

How does the musical than Lin Manuel Miranda and company did help us understand better the US history of hamilton

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This question calls for your opinion.

Yes, this calls for your opinion but I just wanted to answer it from my point of veiw. I believe that Lin Manuel Miranda's Broadway musical Hamilton helps ME better understand U.S. History because he just brings a new, fun way to explain it. It's through SONG! Rap and Jazz mostly. It helps through a way no one thought it could, which is saying a lot about U.S. History. But Hamilton is bringing the Revolution back to life. Miranda is explaining the events leading up to the Revolutionary War through songs and it is helping a lot of people understand because it is not JUST song. Hamilton is expressing Figuative Languages, Themes - Implicit and Explicit, Life, and most of all, the way things used to be done back when this was actually happening. How Hamilton was poor, and His Dad was a scotsman, his mom a not so great person. How he Studied even though he went through such terrible things a child should never have to go through. Hamilton is Life in itself, and now we get to experience it. Thanks to Lin-Manuel Miranda.