Half of a Yellow Sun

Analyse the title Half Of a yellow sun

Why the novel is named Half of a yellow sun

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The novel was set to reflect the time that Nigeria erupted into civil war. Biafra of the Igbos had their insignia and flag with the picture of a Rising Sun aptly depicting in symbol whom there were(Easterners, the geographical location of the Igbos/Biafrans).And also it tries to mimic Things Fall Apart of Achebe to the struggle of two cultures one indigenous and the other an alien culture being forced on the locals thus the rising sun depicting a new beginning as well. That's it for me. Would be honored if Adichie would comment on my Book now with my Publisher on Our June 12 Struggle in USA. Just passing commentary or ?. Thanks Mazi Inno Chimah(Pharm.D).This is my second request and I need it.

Mazi Inno Chimah.(Ochi Agha Oma,Arondizuogu)Germantown Maryland.

the novel is titled after the flag of the biafrans which had a half of a yellow sun on it