Guns, Germs, and Steel

What were the differences in development between the two tribes that allowed the Maori to conquer and subjugate the Moriori?

differencs in culture and development

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The main reason the Maori were able to conquer the Moriori was the Moriori tradition of settling disputes peacefully rather than by force. For this reason, they were conquered by a people that had no such scruples.

An organized resistance by the Moriori could still then have defeated the Maori, who were outnumbered two to one. However, the Moriori had a tradition of resolving disputes peacefully. They decided in a council meeting not to fight back but to offer peace, friendship, and a division of resources.

Before the Moriori could deliver that offer, the Maori attacked en masse. Over the course of the next few days, they killed hundreds of Moriori, cooked and ate many of the bodies, and enslaved all the others, killing most of them too over the next few years as it suited their whim.


Guns, Germs and Steel