Gulliver's Travels

Write the character sketch of the emperor


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The king of Lilliput was very majestic person though his height was less than six inches . He powerful and was a model to behold. He was a very kind and hospitable person . He was glad about Gulliver's visit. He was proud of his palace and metropolis. He was precise about the sincerity in his subjects . He was willing to punish Lilliputians even for minor crimes such as cheating. His ideaogy was that cheating could not be forgiven as it was about breaking the trust of fellow Lilliputians and that execution was the only thing that could be done.

He liked to be praised by his ministers. He felt himself to be the delight and terror of the universe. He wanted his subjects to be safe when Gulliver visited the metropolis and so put forth a set of articles that Gulliver had to abide by. He liked to be entertained and therefore it was the pattern of selection of ministers.

He was very particular about winning the war against Blefuscu. He was happy about Gulliver's victory against the enemy and gave him the position of nardac - the highest position in the kingdom. He was prejudiced when Gulliver refused to work under him even after he spent a huge fortune on Gulliver.