Gulliver's Travels

Write a note about the magicians and the so-called spirits of Glubbdrubdrib

spirits and magicians of Glubbdrubdrib

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Glubbdubdrib (also spelled Glubdubdrib or Glubbdubdribb in some editions) was an island of sorceres and magincians, one of the imaginary countries visited bylemuel gulliver in the satire by anglo -Irish author jonthan swift .The location of Glubdubdrib is illustrated in both the text and the map at the beginning of pot of maldonada on the southwest coast of luggnag while the text states the island is southwest of balnibardi, and Maldonado to be a port of that land.Glubbdubdrib is about one third as large as the Isle of Wight. The inhabitants of Glubbdubdrib can wield magic, and most of their technology is utilized through magical means. The eldest in succession is Prince or Governor of the Island. He has a 'noble' Palace, and a Park of about three thousand Acres, surrounded by a Wall of hewn Stone twenty Foot high.On visiting Glubbdubdrib, Gulliver had the occasion, thanks to the power of their necromancers, to speak with brutus of ancient rome, whom Gulliver greatly admired, among many other famous historical personages, including socrates. Many ideas of historians were corrected this way. Gulliver spends five days doing this, then three days looking at some of the 'modern' dead, trying to find the greatest figure in the past 200 or 300 years in his country and others in Europe. Gulliver gets a new view of historians and heroes, claiming 'I was chiefly disgusted with modern History'