Gulliver's Travels

Write a charector sketch of Gulliver

Write a charector sketch of Gulliver and the lilliput empress and emperor

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You need to submit each character separately.


From his voyages around the world, he sees different perspectives of lives. He is a giant among the miniature and puny inhabitants of Lilliput; a tiny creature as compared to the giant inhabitants of Brobdingnag; in Houyhnhnms where horses’ rule and have all the power while humans has the status as animals. One way or another, he is always finding himself in a sticky situation where he is in a tight spot and faces many difficulties. It may seem like a miracle but everytime he is somehow able to get back to his home country safely. After going through all those experiences, he feels that life in England seems ordinary.

Gulliver, whose name is a somewhat transparent reference to gullible, lacks a lot of essential knowledge in each world he visits. This lack of knowledge enables Gulliver to be completely honest and earnest in some situations.