Gulliver's Travels

why was there enemity between tramecksan and slamecksan? what was fall out?

i need answer now this ia from part 1 nd 2

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The cause of the enmity was the way an egg should be broken before it was eaten. It was the custom that proper way to cut egg was to break it open at the larger end. The present emperor's grandfather while doing so cut his finger. It was then commanded that all subjects should break their eggs open at the smaller end. The people disliked this arbitrary order so much that six rebellions were raised. One emperor lost his life and another his crown. Around eleven thousand people suffered death rather than submit to that order. The royal family of Blefuscu encouraged the rebels to keep pressure on the emperor of Lilliput. Many rebels fled to the kingdom of Blefuscu and took refuge over there. This created further ill-will between the two empires and the rebels grew so powerful in the court of Blefuscu that a bloody war has been carrying on for years. Blefuscu was ready to invade Lilliput


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