Gulliver's Travels

why does gulliver leave lilliput?

Thanyou Aslan for your answer.but for that answer i need 120 words.plssss

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Gulliver had agreed to go to war against the Blefuscudians. Gulliver causes much damage. Later the emperor requests that Gulliver go back to the enemy's shores and do his best to destroy what is left, turning the empire into a province. Gulliver thinks that this action is going too far and declines the request. Three weeks after Gulliver's victory, an embassy from Blefuscu arrives offering peace, which the emperor accepts.

A few days later Gulliver is awoken at midnight by hundreds of Lilliputians telling him that there is a fire in the empress's chamber in the palace. Gulliver hurries to be of assistance, but he quickly realizes that the thimble-sized buckets he is being passed are not having an affect on the raging fire. Thinking quickly, Gulliver chooses to urinate on the fire, putting it out completely and keeping it from spreading to the rest of the palace.

Gulliver returns to his home, where he awaits word of how the emperor and empress will react to his deed. He shortly learns that the empress feels abhorred.