Gulliver's Travels

while gulliver is sleeping, where do the people decide to take him? what mechanism do they make to take him there? how long does the journey take? explain in detail?

explain in detail

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Once they are sure he is asleep, the Lilliputians, who are excellent mathematicians, transport Gulliver to the Capital. They use a large platform with twenty-two wheels pulled by dozens of four-and-a-half-inch horses, dragging Gulliver half of a mile. After he awakens, Gulliver finds that he is chained by his leg in the capital, but he is able to move in a circle of about two yards in diameter. More than one hundred thousand Lilliputians come out to see Gulliver.

The journey takes more than twenty-fours hours and less than forty-eight.

Source(s) Gulliver's Travels