Gulliver's Travels

which character youlike the most and why?

Please give the character of gulliver

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Sorry, Gulliver would not be my choice, and although I do appreciate his love of adventure, he is not my favorite character. My favorite would be the Houyhnhnms. They're intelligent, honest, fair, admirable, and have high expectations. If they were people, you'd appreciate them as neighbors.

Gulliver: Gulliver is a trained surgeon and sea captain who travels throughout the world on several voyages, learning about different cultures and customs. He is married to Mary Burton with two children (who consequently grow up without him), and spends some sixteen years and seventeen months in his adventures, and ultimately returns home a changed man. His first voyage leaves him shipwrecked and alone in Lilliput, a land where he is a giant compared to everyone else. After his escape from Lilliput (and the neighboring Blefuscu), Gulliver returns to England, only to depart once again to find himself lost in the land of Brobdingnag. Brobdingnag is a land of giants, where Gulliver is the relative size of a Lilliputian. After happy times there, he fears his life and is lifted away by a bird, until he is found floating in the ocean by an English sea captain. After his second return to England, Gulliver leaves home again to discover the floating island of Laputa and its continental cities below in Balnibarbi. He visits Luggnagg and Glubbdubdrib, discovering secrets of past histories and cultures, and the horrors of immortality. On his fourth an final journey, Gulliver is sprung upon the Houyhnhnms, a ruling society of horses, where people are the lower, inferior, slave-like species. These inferiors - yahoos - are dirty, detestable creatures who bear a striking resemblance to Gulliver. Gulliver spends some three to four years with these horses and falls in love with their society and reason, never wanting to leave. When he is expelled from the island, he returns to England altered. He no longer cares to look upon his family (or his species), and spends all his time with the two horses he buys to keep in his nearby stable. These four adventures change Gulliver forever, bringing him new perspectives on the laws of humanity and stark commentary on the ways of European life.