Gulliver's Travels

when gulliver gets his hand free from bonds, what do the little men do? what does gulliver first try to tell the king, usinghand gestures? how does gulliver describe the emporers attitude?

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1) They shot arrows at his hand, followed by a few more rounds for good measure.

" an instant I felt above a hundred arrows discharged on my left hand, which, pricked me like so many needles; and besides, they shot another flight into the air, as we do bombs in Europe, whereof many, I suppose, fell on my body, (though I felt them not), and some on my face, which I immediately covered with my left hand."

2) He uses gestures in an attempt to communicate his submission.

"I answered in a few words, but in the most submissive manner, lifting up my left hand, and both my eyes to the sun, as calling him for a witness."

3) The emperor's attitude is hospitable and tentative.

4) ..... (the horse) reared up on its hinder feet: but that prince, who is an excellent horseman, kept his seat, till his attendants ran in, and held the bridle, while his majesty had time to dismount. When he alighted, he surveyed me round with great admiration; but kept beyond the length of my chain. He ordered his cooks and butlers, who were already prepared, to give me victuals and drink, which they pushed forward in a sort of vehicles upon wheels, till I could reach them."


Gulliver's Travels