Gulliver's Travels

what were the customs in brobdingnag?

gullivers travels part 2 "vovage to brobdingnag" : they learnt maths, their temples,daily work and practises etc.

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In Brobdingnag the government is based on the characteristics of common sense, justice, mercy, and laws that are based on a higher sense of morality. The government in Brobdingnag is simple and just, the antithesis of government in England. In Bobdingnag people learn only specific subjects in their purest for. Morality, history, poetry, and practical mathematics, are taught simply and applied practically and honestly. The laws is concise and unchangeable, they can't contain more twenty-two words. Trying to twist or change them is a capitol offence. Always keep in mind this is the opposite of Swift's England. The King of Bobdingnag represents the sense of peace that all share. He, foe example, refuses to accept Gulliver's gift of gunpowder because such weapons seem like an invitation to horrible violence and abuse.