Gulliver's Travels

What is Gulliver eventually able to do at the magician´s house? What is Swift´s satire directed to towards in these scenes?

Gullivers travels

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In Glubbdubdrib, Gulliver is able to bring back great figures from history, including truly wise people such as Aristotle. Nearly everything that he learns is different from what has been recorded in the history books. Swift shows here that history cannot be trusted, especially because those involved typically are not the ones who write their own history. The trouble now is that Swift has shown us that we cannot trust others and we do not often do well when we falsely trust in ourselves. We must trust in ourselves but only with a clear view of who we really are-our proper location, perspective, and size all matter.


At the magician house he is able to call the ghosts of very famous personality including Aristole and Alexander the great too and realized that in reality we know only a fraction of the truth and most of the history is hidden from us as most of us  would have thought that Alexander the great would have died bravely but instead he died of too much drinking .Added to this he realized that many times history might end up favouring the weak ones as  due to ghosts he came to know that many weak kings were shown great and many strong kings to be powerful ,but above all he made us realize the importance of finding the truth for ourself as history is just a subject we can not believe if until it is made sure that every part of it is true