Gulliver's Travels

The Great Assembly took a drastic decision regarding Gulliver. How did it affect Gulliver? How did he react? Explain.


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Gulliver is given a nice room in the Houyhnhnms' home, where he settles in very comfortably. He makes new clothes and enjoys his life very much. The other Houyhnhnms, however, begin to worry about a Yahoo living among Houyhnhnms. They fear that Gulliver may lead a revolt among the other Yahoos. They tell Gulliver's master that it is time for him to leave the island. When Gulliver hears this news, he faints from grief. Having no other choice, Gulliver builds a canoe over the next two months. Heartbroken, he sets sail, but not before kissing his master's hoof.