Gulliver's Travels

how did gulliver reached floating island? what trets of his characters are revealed here.

the voyage to floating island

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Gulliver has been sailing for three days.They are attacked by pirates and easily taken over. Gulliver manages to insult the pirate captain and, as punishment, is cut loose in "a small Canoe, with Paddles and a Sail, and four Days Provisions." After five days adrift, Gulliver reaches a small island with a floating cloud that is Laputa.

Gulliver was set adrift in a small canoe by the japenese pirates with four day provision with him .He observed coral Island from south east .He set sail on the nearest of those islands .The next day he sailed to another island and to a third and then to a fourth.On the fifth day ,he arrived on last island and he Realized that how impossible it was to preserve his life in such a disolate place .Next day he noticed that what he thought a cloud floating above the island was actually a floating island .Thus in this way he reached to the flying island


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