Gulliver's Travels

How did Gulliver help the king of Lilliput?

It is a question from Novel Gulliver's travels.

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He helped in different ways. I think he is of particular help militarily by stealing the Blefuscudian's navy.


how did gulliver help the king of lilliput 

gulliver at last won the confidence of the king of lilliputian.king thought that he would be very useful for them mainly in the time of war.soon,gulliver learns thar lilliputians are facing problems blefuskudians and their novel power.gulliver is asked to protect the country from invasion.gulliver made hooks with cables attached by swimming the channel to blefusku.he was shot by blefuskudians,he protected his eyed from his spectacles which was kept in his pocket,then he brought the shps to lilliput by cutting their anchors.thus,by this way gulliver helped the king of lilliputians


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How did Gulliver make a great service to the emporee of Lilliput-how did emperor react

Describw the island the people and the animal.

Apart from the king who else tried to cominicet top with gulliver? Were the succesful?