Gulliver's Travels

Gulliver's hectic schedule of exhibition affected him adversely . How was he able to heave a sigh of relief ? Explain

Please,can I get the answer in about 150-200 words

The question is for 10 marks

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The farmer is determined too make a profit and takes Gulliver to the marketplace, where he performs shows for paying patrons. The show is so successful that the farmer decides to take Gulliver on a tour of the kingdom. Gulliver does ten shows a day, which makes him quite tired.

Gulliver heaves a sigh of relief when the Queen asks the farmer if he would be willing to sell Gulliver. The farmer, believing that Gulliver will die in about a month because he has lost so much weight from performing, quickly names a price. Gulliver is happy to live at court and be done with performing.