Gulliver's Travels

Gulliver visited Brobdingnag, descirbe in detail his behaviour when he returned back to England.

Novel: Gulliver's Travels

Part: 2

Marks question worth: 10

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Gulliver grows bored and impatient at home. After being at home for only ten days, Gulliver is visited by a ship captain who invites him on a voyage departing in two months. Gulliver convinces his wife that this is a good opportunity and sets off, again working as the surgeon.

After Gulliver reached england, he hired a horse for 5 shrillings .As he was travelling he observed that the trees, the cattle... everything looked small to him. He was afraid whenever he saw people that he might trample them. When he reached his home, one of the servants opened the door. He bent down to pass through the door like a goose under a gate. When his wife ran towards him, he kneeled down thinking she could not reach him if he stood. Being in Brobdingnag, he had look up to see the faces of people as they appeared as gaints to him.Hence when his daughter kneeled down to ask him for blessings, he could not see her until she arose.his head and eyes were set to an angle of viewing people of 60 feet. When he told the story of his voyage to his wife and one or two freinds who were in his house, they felt Gulliver was acting unaccountably and had lost his wits. After this his wife protested that Gulliver must not go to sea anytime further. But Gulliver could not stop going to the sea.