Gulliver's Travels

Gulliver Travels

compare and contrast between gulliver's life among lilliputs and brobdingnag?

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While the Lilliputians are superficial caring only for themselves, the people of Brobdingnag are more thoughtful and egalitarian. Lilliputians are amused by gossip. They are rather vapid and gossip incessantly. Te Emperor, in particular, only seeks to be entertained and exercise his power. Gulliver has many thoughtful discussions with the leader of Brobdingnag about philosophy and ethics. On a physical note, Lilliputions are tiny while people of Brobdingnag are giants. The emperor of Lilliput is petty beyond belief. He executes his subjects for minor infractions or simply because they have annoyed him in some way. Very small in stature, he covets large things. He is superficial in character and thought. In contrast, the king of Brobdingnag is a true intellectual who cares about his subjects and likes to ponder the complexities of life.