Gulliver's Travels

Gulliver is a great story teller and actor. Comment on itwith example?


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One of Jonathan Swift's most noted works is Gulliver's Travels. Gulliver's Travels is in fact the only work by Swift known to nearly all English readers. Gulliver's Travels is a narrative fiction and a supreme example of the art of storytelling. The satire of Gulliver's Travels concerns society and politics, and of all Swift's writings is the clearest in vision; the most tolerant in mood; the most complete reflection of his political moral; and intellectual outlook upon man as a member of the social order. The travels of Gulliver can be seen by Swift's interest in tales and voyages which were always of his favorite readings. The idea behind Gulliver's Travels, Swift believed, would be to "wonderfully mend the world."

The story begins with Captain Gulliver telling his tale. It is done in a narrative form, Gulliver serving as narrator. Gulliver explains in the beginning, in a note to his cousin who was serving as a transcriber and publicist, that his interpretations and changes in the original version would cause uncertainties and differences in that of the actual voyage and happenings. Captain Gulliver is therefore explaining to the reader that all events in his voyages may differ in fact and detail to how he recorded it and what actually happened. Gulliver's Travels is appropriately named, for that is what they are, the travels and voyages of Captain Gulliver. The story is an account of Captain Gullivers many voyages across the oceans with insight to pauses of his life on shore, and a history of his family and financial stature. The story indicates that Gulliver is an educated man by his schooling and apprenticeship, and his keen knowledge of the sea. The story covers many of Gullivers seperate voyages. One of his best known stories is The Voyage to Laputa by Captain Gulliver.

Swift once said of Gulliver's Travels that he was writing a history of his own travels. These travels were of large volume and were to give account of countries unknown. The story, whether Swift's life account or not, does just that. Gulliver's Travels takes the reader to far away unknown countries, giving great description and detail to the areas nature, the people, as well as the coordinates to which these civilizations can be found. Whether the story can be written from fact or just satire and good humor, Gulliver's Travel is a great adventure story packed to the binding with life, adventure, politics, and humor. Captain Gulliver's life travel is just that; the travels of one man. another mans travel may be of no importance or worth recording, but captain Gulliver is a voyage of life, his life. The story challenges one to question their own journeys that still lie ahead.