Gulliver's Travels

give the character sketch of yahoos..

Gullivers travels-term2

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Yahoos are basically wild humans. Yahoos in the country of the Houyhnhnms are disgusting creatures. They are dirty, savage and have few redeeming characteristics. They make medicine from their own excrement and feces, they hate honesty, they steal.... .

yahoos have long hairs on their bodies and are like human beings.THey have goat-like beards and claws.They use their claws for climbingon the trees.Gulliver finds Yahoos ugly and primitive.HE HITS ONE ANIMAL WITH HIS SWORD.tHE ANIMAL GIVES OUT A STRANGE SOUnd.More animals come and attack Gulliver by defecating on him.Yahoos stand on their hind-legs and look very ugly.